Oil Change near Carlsbad CA

Oil Change near Carlsbad CA

Knowing when and where to get an oil change near Carlsbad can really help you keep your vehicle in great shape, allowing it to perform at its best, and it can even help lengthen its lasting power and longevity. Regular oil changes will ensure that your vehicle retains its quality condition and efficient performance while you’re navigating the streets and highways throughout Carlsbad.

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Why Does My Car Need Oil?

Oil Change Oil Change near Carlsbad CA

Oil is a very important fluid that your vehicle relies on. It serves numerous functions that your vehicle can benefit from. Your engine is made up of several moving metal parts that are constantly in motion and grinding against each other. Oil is used to lubricate these parts and to cool them so it reduces the friction and heat that they generate during the performance.

Another important function that oil does is picking up the free-flowing dirt and debris. It cleans the parts so they can continue to perform efficiently. Over time, oil goes from a golden brown liquid to a thicker and darker material. Once oil is in this state, you’ll want to have it changed out.

Why Does Oil Need to Be Changed?

Oil Change near Carlsbad CA

While oil serves many important functions, it doesn’t last forever. Once oil is dirty and has reached its mileage limit, it should get replaced because it won’t be as effective at performing its functions.  Old oil can also affect the performance and the overall fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Getting a timely oil change can ensure that your vehicle’s performance and efficiency doesn’t falter.

How Do I Know it’s Time to Change My Oil?

Oil ChangeStaying on top of your oil change is important, so you can have this service performed promptly. Of course, it’s easy to lose track of your mileage, so luckily there are several signs that you can look out for that are telling you it’s time for an oil change:

  • Oil Change Light/Maintenance Minder™ Code A
  • Engine Knocking/Noise
  • Sluggish Performance
  • Dark Smoke from Exhaust

How Long Does Oil Last in My Car?

Oil’s lifespan can vary depending on the type of oil your vehicle takes. Conventional oil can last between 3,000 and 5,000 miles. However, most cars take synthetic oil. This particular oil goes through a meticulous process where the impurities are removed which increases its heat resistance and overall lifespan. Synthetic oil can last up to 7,500 miles or more before needing to be changed.

Schedule an Oil Change near Carlsbad CA

At Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Vista, we hope that this guide gave you a clear picture of what oil does, how long it lasts, and why it needs to be changed. If you’ve noticed any of the signs, or you see that you’re coming up on the service interval, you can always schedule an oil change with us. We’ll be happy to help you with this service so your vehicle can perform at its best.

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